SeaLink Capital Partners (SCP) is focused on forging partnerships with exceptional companies with strong growth potential, competitive differentiation and entrepreneurs who have the highest standards of integrity

I had the pleasure of working with SCP between 2016 and 2019. As Chairman of the Board, I am thankful for their significant contributions to the strategic direction of NephroPlus. SCP brought discipline and structure to our conversations and took the lead on various important matters like employee compensation, ESOP allocation and inorganic acquisitions. They also brought focus to improvements in pricing and pharmacy – which had traditionally not been areas of focus. I’m sure they will be a great partner to any company they invest in and wish them the best of success.
– Dr. Brian Periera, Chairman of the Board, NephroPlus

Surya Hospitals and SeaLink Capital have worked together seamlessly since the partnership was formed. I chose to partner with SeaLink Capital because I knew they would be able to work with us on important matters and help make our hospital better. While we have many debates and discussions, SeaLink helps us become a better hospital for our patients and our doctors. They are very actively involved in our operations, are fully aligned with us, and are an integral part of the Surya family.
– Dr. B.S. Avasthi, Managing Director, Surya Hospitals