About Us


  • Co-Founder at SCP, Karthik Narayanaswamy, was the co-head for KKR’s Green Portfolio Program in Asia
  • Help companies improve environmental performance across three key areas:
    • Reducing Green House Gas emissions
    • Improving water usage efficiency
    • Implementing recycling best practices


  • Support businesses that increase accessibility of key healthcare services and financial inclusion
  • Improve workplace safety across portfolio companies (e.g. extensive work on fire safety audits at Surya Hospitals)
  • Ensuring positive impact on local communities
  • Enhancing employee relations


  • Best in class corporate governance
  • Institute appropriate committees such compensation committee, audit committee, etc.
  • Integral members of 20+ Boards in India over the past 15 years
  • Formal training in ESG with Rahul Sanghavi being a Social Enterprise Fellow at Wharton and a graduate of the Boardroom Leadership Programme conducted by CII.